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Justcloud.com Website Review & Ratings + Just Cloud Coupons

Just Cloud is an online backup solution which appeared in 2011. It relies on a very simple and easy to use desktop application which manages scheduled and automatic backups and offers settings regarding the file types which must be backed up. In addition, power and CPU settings are also available in order to provide full control over the resources used by this service. The Just Cloud application is available to download directly from the website and the initial setup is pretty much straight forward. Users can also access and manage their files on the Just Cloud website.
These are the keys features of Just Cloud:

Just Cloud: What makes it different?

Just Cloud stands out of the huge number of cloud backup solutions due to the following important characteristics:

  • Ease of use-suitable even for inexperienced users; simple and intuitive user  interface; no prior knowledge of similar systems is needed and installation is easy (~1min)
  • Multiple versions of files-very useful when dealing with projects when old versions of files may still be needed, so it doesn’t simply overwrite files when modification of files occurs
  • There are no restrictions regarding the supported file types-many other similar services impose limits
  • 256 bit encryption & secured file transfers- as safe as the banking system
  • Responsive technical team-it’s only a matter of tens of minutes or hours to get a response
  • Referral program-by inviting 2 new users, you receive a 1 year free subscription 
  • Anytime money back-refund of the remaining paid months
  • Drag and drop file on the web application-very few cloud storage solutions provide this handy feature
Just Cloud vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Just Cloud)

Dropbox is definitely one of the most popular cloud backup and sync solutions. However, it does not provide an unlimited cloud storage backup plan nor does it support multiple versions of files. Moreover, it can only offer a maximum of 100 GB for regular plans and over 1 TB for teams (different price range). A key feature that Dropbox has is the fact that all the storage is actually synced between computers (or other devices) and not just 1 GB, as in the case of Just Cloud. Another advantage of using Dropbox is getting free 2 GB storage space without any time limit. It is to be noted that only 100 MB are given by Just Cloud in the trial period (initially the user only gets around 25Mb but after completing a few tasks the capacity exceeds 100Mb). In addition to this, for each new invitation to Dropbox you send (and the recipient accepts and installs Dropbox) 250 MB of storage capacity is added to your Dropbox account.

Mimedia is strong competitor in this field of cloud storage. It provides a maximum of 1 TB of cloud storage, so less than the (unlimited) storage offered by Just Cloud. Another downside is the fact that the synchronization is done only between the cloud and the PC; there is no direct synchronization between different PCs linked to the same account. Besides, there isn’t yet a Mimedia desktop application for clients who use Mac or Linux.

Some strong points of Mimedia:

  • Offers a free shuttle drive (a hard disk drive) for fast initial backup (sent through mail)
  • 7 GB of free storage 
  • Unlimited time for the use of the free 7 GB

Carbonite provides unlimited backup storage and prioritized downloads but it has some restrictions. Depending on the user’s country, some latency may be experienced. In addition, the subscription is for 1 computer only (not the case of Just Cloud). Out of the box, it only supports files up to 4 GB.

Just Cloud: Pricing & packages

Just Cloud’s offer is really impressive when it comes to pricing. With the currently available discount, the Just Cloud plans are as follows:

  • $1.49 monthly price -2 years paid upfront
  • $1.79 monthly price -1 year paid upfront
  • $2.09 monthly price -6 months paid upfront
  • $2.99 monthly price -1 month paid upfront

Without the current discount, normal prices are as follows:

  • $4.95 monthly price -2 years are paid upfront
  • $5.99 monthly price -1 year paid upfront
  • $6.94 monthly price -6 months are paid upfront
  • $9.95 monthly price -1 month paid upfront

Mimedia pricing plans are:

  • $9.99/month for 250 GB
  • $20/month  for 500 GB 
  • $35/month  for 1Tb

If a comparison was to be drawn between Mimedia’s offer and Just Cloud’s, Just Cloud would be the clear winner. Even if the user only pays upfront for a month and no discount is applied ($10/month), he/she gets unlimited storage from Just Cloud, whereas for the same money the user only gets 250 GB from Mimedia.

Dropbox gives its users:

  • 50 GB for $9.99/month or $99.00/year
  • 100 GB for $19.99/month or $199.00/year
  • Dropbox’s offer for teams- $795/year for the first 5 users and 1 TB  and $125/year for each additional user (+200 GB for each new user)

This means that for about $22/year (if paid upfront and with the current discount) you get unlimited cloud storage from Just Cloud, while for $8.25/month (if paid upfront for a year) you only receive 50 GB from Dropbox. It’s easy to do the math and see which one represents a better deal.

Carbonite plans for 1 PC:

  • $59/year  -Home
  • $99/year  -HomePlus       (Home plan + External hard drive backup + Mirror Image backup)
  • $149/year-HomePremier  (HomePlus+ Courier Recovery service + Video backup)

Out of the cloud backup solutions presented here, Carbonite is the only one which has pricing plans comparable with the ones from Just Cloud. It’s quite easy to see that Just Cloud has an amazing offer and a great price-quality ratio.

Just Cloud: Product images & screenshots
Just Cloud Coupons
Just Cloud: Customer reviews & comments

Because Just Cloud is a new product, many Just Cloud’s users have tried other similar products before they gave it a try. There is a real flood of positive reviews and recommendations for Just Cloud and this is simply because it does its job quickly with very little user involvement and it doesn’t involve large costs. Its reliability is very well known: “I took my time and did some research. I looked at Mozy, Carbonite, LiveDrive, and many more. However I noticed one difference between them and Just Cloud. Just Cloud actually stored data on cloud servers, unlike the others which stored all my important data on one server”. The overall customer satisfaction dominates reviews:  “My decision was influenced by the fact i got, online storage, cloud storage, file syncing and file sharing, all in one product. I couldn't be happier, top marks.

Considering all this and the fact that nowadays a lot of users are experienced or somehow familiar with online backup services (as these solutions have been around for some years now), these reviews are relevant. Bottom line, after an objective analysis is it safe to say that Just Cloud is well worth paying for as it provides a lot of facilities, and on top of that, great reliability.

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Comments (7)

Great review of just cloud. :)

Before you subscribe to Just Cloud (or Zip Cloud, or MyPC Backup - they're all the same company) wait until your free trail has expired. Keep waiting... in a few days, they'll send you a link for 70% off. If you don't want to wait, you can get the link from my MyPC Backup review page.

Excllent and well researched review.

Excellent review of this great back-up.

Just Cloud Just Cr@p.  I cancelled my subscription after 3 days of trying to get the download to work.  Their online tech support was terrible - basic auto messages, telephone support was the same.  So after paying and cancelling 3 days later having not been able to use they keep an early termiantion fee of $18 - not much money but the principle.  Woeful experience

STAY AWAY FROM JUSTCLOUD I just cancelled my contract as the application has not worked for 4 months and they wanted at least six more weeks to fix it!!! Then they suddenly offer me a 70% discount if I rejoin. I compared that offer of an unlimited plan for 2 years with the current unlimited 2 year plan. They are the same!!!!! Their offer? Here is the link. I have changed nothing. \"To check out this special \"Come Back\" offer please use this link; http://www.justcloud.com/j/223mcy0a_785317

It is the same as the current prices!!! 

Their support is slow, rubbish, inconsitant and a total waste of time. Anyone who says JUSTCLOUD is great is going to change their minds sooner or later. Check out other reviews if you do not believe me.


JustCloud is an unprofessional solution for people who want low prices. what you get is low service. If you want good quality stay away from them.

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